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Sunday, 28 September 2008

WaMu to Chase

When I heard that Washington Mutual has gone down, I was thinking of withdrawing my money but hubby advised me to just leave it there because it's insured anyway. Though it's not that much, those are money that I earned from my paid blogging, surveys and monetary gifts from friends and families. Hubby didn't even now that I opened my own personal account at Washington Mutual not till recently. I told him those are emergency money to buy plane ticket to the Philippines just in case I'm pissed with least I'm not thinking about using credit cards :-). He's cool with that, he knows that I love trying new things. Our primary account is at our local bank here in Crescent City. I just like it at WaMu because they offer 4.9% APR for my savings.
So last night, it's all confirmed that WaMu and being bought by JPMorgan Chase. Good thing that I wasn't able to buy stocks from WaMu the other day. Because I thought it was just a temporary set back, so when I checked their quota it's only .16 per share. I'm tempted to buy because if ever it will go up, it's a good gain. Anyways, as of September 25, 2008 all WaMu customer deposits are now deposits of JPMorgan Chase, one of the strongest financial institutions in the world. I wonder what next big companies will be going down with the current economic situation. It will totally be a shocked it it will be Coca Cola then being bought by trying to be silly...

I want to thank Miss Lou for educating me about the stock market. And for all those wonderful ideas and tips , I really need those. She's so sweet and kind.
Please visit her at A Peek Into My Mind, The Shutterbug, On A Lighter Note, and Travel for all the interesting stuffs she shared.


Lou said...

Hi Gin, thanks for this, I'm glad you learned something from me... Just give me a buzz, ok?

Kisses to the kids...

Your friend,

coolingstar9 said...

Stock market go through some storm recently.
A good investor will find the opportunities even in downturn.
We need to learn more just like you keep on learning new things.
Wish you always happy and healthy, best wishes from coolingstar9


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