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Monday, 22 September 2008

Live Well, Laugh Often, and Love With All Your Heart

I was talking to a friend yesterday for like almost two hours. It's as if we haven't talked for centuries. But actually we're just neighbors :-). She's really nice but she don't really hang out with other Filipinos. Well, she's working full time with a high paying job. Her husband work too but it seems as though she's more financially stress than me. And she noticed that, telling me that I'm lucky having no problems and don't have to go to work. That's what I noticed with other people. They think that I'm lucky because I just stay home. But actually they're wrong. I'm happy, yes, in some ways lucky. But if I have a choice I want to go to work. But going to work and having two little children to take care of doesn't make sense to me and my husband. It would be nice if I go to work, that means more income but with the high cost of daycare, I won't gain anything. Just because I stay at home, that doesn't mean I'm relaxing 24/7. I think I'm more wore out staying at home than I'm at work. Well, when my kids are awake I keep an eye on them while doing some household chores, and if the house is spotless, I'm reading a book (just started this hobby, thanks to the influence of my friend Jet , even if I'm the middle of the story I had to stop because it's either my son or daughter trying to get my attention. And I end up reading the conclusion of the book in the middle of the night. I have a lot of things in my mind which include reading an Anatomy or Pharmacology book, hoping to get a certification as a Pharmacy Tech, which I think another option for my job hunting just in case I realized that pursuing Nursing is not really my calling. I was just encouraged by my friends who are Nurses telling me that they're earning $50 an hour or more.Jeez makes me droll.
But yeah all these thoughts are just peace of cake. These are serious ideas but right now while I know I can't rush it, I want to live my life well, laugh as often as I could and just love everyone even those that make me puke kidding..

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