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Monday, 1 September 2008

I'll Forever be Good

Miracles happen..always..always happening to me..
If there's anything that would really really freak me out and make me like want to just be invisible is that when I'll be in jail ( heaven forbid!!!) or anything that deals with policemen, law, violations , prison..those such things..sound very morbid for me.
So this afternoon before I went to a birthday party, I decided to buy grapes in Safeway. I was about 3 miles away from home..I noticed that a CHP( California Highway Patrol ) car was following me..But I'm thinking "it couldn't be me, what did I do? no way it could be me..then a sudden sound of the siren startled me..oh God!!it's me..So I pulled over..I'm shaking..before the police came I already had my papers prepared, ID's , insurance and everything..Then he said " The reason why I pull you over yadayadayada...".(let me just keep the violation a secret for the purpose of not adding insult to injury..but promise's not something like he went back to his car, it took him over 20 minutes before he came back again because I was able to make phone calls.I'm just super embarrassed because the people who passed by slowed down and kinda trying to be nosy..I'm so nervous that I don't feel any shame at all..I'm sure he noticed that I'm about to cry already, he kinda chuckled when I asked him if he's going to get my car. He sarcastically said "why? am I supposed to?..then I said..I don't know..because if you will I'll call my friends to give me a ride..then he further asked about something, but before I answered somebody called him, it must be an emergency that he needs to go right away..he gave me back my papers and said he will just give me a warning..He was in his car already when I said I'm sorry and thank you.. he heard it and said's okay.....
I am lucky..super lucky..with my violation that's over 300 hundred dollars..So even though some of my friends teased me during the party. I don't care I still think I'm lucky. My husband was laughing when I called him at work, promising him that I'll be forever be good, I'll be obedient, polite, prompt, and all the good deeds in the world..
but you know..that siren sound will be haunting me for a couple of days and nights..
hmmm that could put me in my place..that I should forever be good.

1 comment:

babyjet said...

Where you speeding? or run through a stop light? Bad girl!!

I'm glad the cop gave you a break.

Lots of hugs for you :)


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