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Thursday, 11 September 2008

Bye Pepper

It's been two weeks since we "babysit" Snowball and Pepper. They're two cute cats. My kids really love them already. Today, Jody, the owner came by. They're so excited too see her that they went near the car while backing she's up. I was inside the house when I hear someone screaming and crying. Then Jody came inside look so pale that make my world seem so stop because for a minute I thought she backed up to someone and my thoughts were at my daughter because she was playing in the garage..then when I heard her said "vet". I was relieved but still nervous because I learned that she backed at Pepper. Some of my neighbors who saw came to help and there's this one lady that really cry hard because Pepper died in her hand. She said that, it was the saddest thing that ever happened to her. I was really touched with her compassion. I'm sad for what had happened to Pepper. I'm sure Snowball will miss her. So this afternoon, they will gonna do a "cat funeral" for Pepper.

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