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Monday, 15 September 2008

Appear Disapper

I'm happy that finally I found one my of sunglasses that I thought I'd lost already. Now once again my theory about finding and losing things is again proven. When you misplaced stuff, stop looking and it will appear. Indeed it will.

These are just few of my many examples.

1.) My wallet. I looked everywhere like crazy. When I look for a missing thing I don't disarrange things, I will look from corner to corner accompanied by cleaning and organizing as well. That's the positive effect when I misplace my stuff, a cleaned and organized house.
Back to the wallet, I've done cleaning the house but still couldn't find it. Started being cranky and moody. The following day, I'm depressed, the thoughts that it might be stolen or dropped somewhere freak me out. Hubby said I should stop switching from one purses to another. I gave up. I already decided to make actions , like call the banks , credit card companies (just in case someone will use my card), INS and all the agencies that I need to call. So I decided to lay down in our bed. It was chilly so I decided to use our foot warmer, and viola my wallet was there, underneath it.

2.)engagement ring..after the many hours of looking, crying, even hubby promised to buy me a new one , I found it at my daughter's closet when I about get her pajamas.

3.) my roaming cellphone..this time I just relaxed myself.thinking that I will find if I'm not looking. didn't look for it so hard, after two days I found it in my son's drawer.

4. ) my sunglasses, I thought it's lost already. I was even sad because it may take awhile before I can buy a new like that. The fact that I need to drive more than an hour drive to buy same kind, it might not be available anymore too. So I was browsing back and forth in RL website, wishing I have the guts to buy it right way.

But I found it today, together with my children's toys. we have this storage room in my husband's garage where I put my children's toys. I put the toys in transparent boxes. Every week I exchange their toys, so that they won't get bored with same toys. So it's seems like they have new toys every week. So when I switched toys I found my sunglasses. I'm happy.

That's why when I'm missing stuffs. I will not go over the board in looking them because I will find them when I stop looking :-)

miss you miss you my good looking shades :-)

1 comment:

Jade said...

You know ako rin- the time I finally stop looking for what I am lo0oking for- saka naman sila magpapakita;)

So I try not to stress too much.


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