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Friday, 18 July 2008

Trying New Things

Trying new things is not a crime. Just recently I spent most of my free time in organizing my clothing so you could imagine myself staying in the closet (while the kids are sleeping ) tossing those clothes that doesn't seem look appealing to me anymore which includes those short length tees that I bought from Artwork. I realized that if I wear long length at least about my hip line, my excess fats will be hidden ( at least part of them), and also I used to like tight tees because I thought if I wear them it will squeeze my fat and I might look slim ( wishing), but apparently it will just show the layers of fats at my back. So I have many tees to put in my package for my sister who doesn't complain recieving second hand clothings. With the kind of weather we have here in Crescent City, I couldn't really set aside my sweaters like those cotton ribbed ones, they're forever staying in my closet. Just a week ago I bought some trench coats at 50 % off from Delias. It's so funny because me and my friend Jeline went crazy about the coats that's on sale at Delias and Alloy. They're discounted plus our 15% coupons that's why they're just $40-$60. There are too many choices that's why we end up buying a lot. So now we're anxious when it arrived because we just bought it online. I hope they look good like in the picture but we can always return it if we don't like it. Besides coats we also buy sundresses, hoodies and camis. It's fun and stocking up during sale season.
Here are some items that I bought at very low prices.

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