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Sunday, 27 July 2008

All State Employees Back to Minimum Wage

This one is a worst effect of the state of California's current crises, my friend, a nurse whose earning $50/hour and working in the Pelican Bay State Prison will possibly receiving a salary for $6.85/hour starting next week. She blamed Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger's Pay-Cut Plan. If this plan will take effect I could imagine how this affect the people whose working in the prison and leaving life fabulously. As you know over 50% of my Filipino friends here in our place are working in the Pelican Bay State Prison. In fact they have encourage my husband so many times to work there because of like they said or "brag" "big fat check". My husband is working in federal govt, not earning as much as they are but we're totally fine because we're just spending within our means. This pay-cut plan is a lesson for all of us that we should save money at least enough for 3 months spending if possible more than that, because we don't want to get the money from any investments that we have. Anyways, regarding those state employees who might be paid $6.85/hour,they will be paid (refunded) for their promised salary as soon as the budget be approved. So if it happened to me, I will just think the brighter side of it, more money for our savings. Anyways for the whole detail of The Governor's Pay-Cut Plan just click the link.

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