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Wednesday, 4 June 2008

Cool Stuffs for my Cool Babies

Motherhood is fun most especially if you are able to give your children the love and support they needed. Joining online sites for mothers helped me a lot in discovering a lot of things that will benefit my children.

I just discovered this site that sells innovative products for babies, from diaper bags, baby shoes and many more .

Here are some of my favorites:
This is a car seat cover in Pink Champagne, very stylish! What I like about this product is that I can easily clean it up just in case my daughter spill something in her car seat. I don't have to take much time time in cleaning it up like I did before.
This one is a cool shoes perfect for my son. It's very affordable compared to leading baby shoes.

You can purchase all these items in My Designer Baby.

You have the chance to win a gift certificate from by joining their Baby Blog Contest. Click here to join.


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