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Tuesday, 20 May 2008

New Look

Before I went to the Beauty Secret parlor I ask my husband to take a picture of me showing my "kinda" long hair. He's funny he's trying to discourage me not to cut it. But I made an appointment already and I have my mind set for a shorter hair. And then after 3 hours here's my new look..
I don't know, my husband like it but I'm shocked with the outcome. (mura man ug naemphasize ang kadako sa bukad sa akong ilong hehehe) . My daughter keep saying "I like your hair mum!!..but my son look at me like " Who are you??"
Anyways, that's my new hair for a new beginning (charing!!)

1 comment:

Random and thoughts said...

hi new look new makes you younger hehehe very nice ayo.

Ps...I already added ur link to mine.

6-blogs please check it out dear


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