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Tuesday, 15 April 2008

To Work Or Not To Work

Career wise, my goal is at the age of 50 I'm retired already and just receiving my monthly pension, tour around the world with my hubby while our children shoulder our luxurious expenses hehe. But seriously,I really want to start a very good career at the age of thirty but doesn't seem possible for me because I have two small children to take care. I believe that children should come first, and also it doesn't make sense if I work and just pay my salary to the day care. It's nice to work because the satisfaction of having a fulfilling career is different but nothing will give me as much satisfaction as caring for my children. If would be nice if I can get my parents sooner but not till next year because I'm not a citizen yet. By that time I can have the best of both worlds.

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Amor said...

Tama ka Gina,lai ra gyd pag ikaw mag-alaga sa imo mga anak tapos mahal baya ang daycare,parehas nako sa una tong nagwork pako ang katunga sa ako sweldo adto sa nagbantay kay bb,murag na-adto sa wala ghapon tapos dli pa ako nagbantay sa ako bb,kapoy kapoy lng ko.Ug isa pod,pag nagkasakit ang uban gibantayan,takdan apil si bb :(

Maayo na na petitiona nimo sila auntie para makabantay ug makatabang nimo dnha.Mas ok kung ing-ani dli ka malisodan if work kana.

Have a nice day!


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