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Wednesday, 16 April 2008

Pope Benedict XVI First Visit To The US

***photo taken from yahoo news.****
While writing this, I'm also listening/watching the pope's prayer service in the Washington Church. I was so moved and inspired seeing Him, realizing that He's right now in the same country with me. ..He's just miles away, If there's a way I could go to Washington D.C. I would do it already.. but it's not possible right now. All those emotions I felt when Pope John Paul II visited the Philippines came back to me. It's a beautiful feeling, very humbling. I wish Pope Benedict's visit will at least bring light to the Christians and inspire people to put God in the center of their lives.
When I was in high school, I was asked by our School Paper adviser to write a speech about Pope John Paul's visit and His message for the youth. That was really a wonderful experience for me because it was published in the first page of our Yearbook. I was so committed in spreading God's word before. I even joined a frat/sor that advocates in defending the Pope AT ALL TIMES, became a president in a religious organization, joined prayer meetings a lot of times.
Now, I don't know where my faith stands. I believe in God. I pray, but my passion and commitment is not that intense.I'm ashamed. I'm so busy.I'm so occupied.
I'm so happy to see Pope Benedict even only in tv, and participate His mass even only in tv also. I hope this will be start of a renewed me. I can't promise. But I will do my best.
**in the picture it shows Pres. Bush and Pope Benedict XVI. I am so impressed the way Pres. Bush gave the Pope honor and even gave Him a great birthday celebration.***
For the meantime..I will go back to the CNN live coverage of the Pope's visit.

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