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Tuesday, 1 April 2008

Photo Cards and Custom Greeting Cards

This is an one of my favorite card in, but there are more cute and unique designs if you visit their website.

I have a Sony camera with 8.1 mega pixels. Since I got it I always took pictures of my children and our family and share it to my friends and family in the Philippines. My mom is always happy to see the pictures especially those customized ones. I love to customized my family's pics. I love to make Custom Photo Cards. One thing I like in customizing photos is, you can do however you want it. Even if it is just an ordinary non- occasion picture you can turn it into a something like an Easter picture or a Holiday picture, just write the holiday greetings in front of it. For example. next month will have a his christening. What I'm going to do is choose a cute picture of him in my files and deck it out and put a personalized message in front of the picture like " Please join me in the celebration of my Christening". There's a lot of ideas especially if you check in the, where you can find custom photo cards and greetings cards. Or like for example I have a picture of my daughter wearing a cool hat, I can customized it by putting a border with an outdoor theme. You just have to expand your imagination. It's fun customizing pictures.

1 comment:

Ahdena said...

Any day is the perfect day for photo greeting cards.. I customized photo card from Vista Print, put my picture on the front and information inside.


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