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Wednesday, 23 April 2008

Happy Baby Panda

When I participate the party in Mommies United, I won a $40 gift certificate from Happy Panda Baby. I bought two nice tag less tees from them. You should see the designs, it's totally awesome but I'm not gonna post the picture yet because I'll have Steph and Eric wear those this saturday because we're going to attend a baby shower. I'm so excited with their reactions when they see my children wearing those nice tees. I'm also overwhelmed because Miss Pamela Kramer, the owner of Baby Panda sent me an email to check if the tees fit well, and she told me that she's going to send me another t shirt for Stephie. And no charge!!That is really nice of her.

1 comment:

Happy Panda said...

Oh thank you for such a nice post! Can't wait to see your photos. Hope you can come by for the cyber baby shower. It's open to everyone!
Come by the blog and click on the banner for Margie Gunn and that will take you to the games!


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