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Wednesday, 30 April 2008

Don't Be Afraid Of Bullies

I've been an avid fan/admirer of Bo Sanchez. He is a preacher. He write inspirational books, magazines like Kerygma. I'm sure some of you are familiar with them. Anyways, when I open my inbox this morning I was inspired with another newsletter from him. And I would like to quote part of it.

"Bullies are weak. Avoid them or face up to them,

but never be afraid of them.

Do you have bullies in your life? You’ll always cross paths with bullies. Bullies intimidate people. Bullies want you to fear them. They manipulate you to follow them. Depending on the situation, you can avoid them or face up to them. But never be afraid of bullies. Because all bullies are fake. With their outward force, they cover up their weakness. But deep within, a bully is a fragile child with lots of fears."

If you like to read all Bo's articles please click here.

Have a blessed Wednesday to everybody!

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