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Monday, 17 March 2008

So Much For Vanity

Why some women are so vain? We can't leave the house without wearing lipstick. But for the info, there's quite a few women who are like that. And I'm really proud of them. But me, I need to wear a lipstick or at least a lip gloss.Anyways, me and my friend Jelay share the same beauty regimen. Actually I just imitate her. Anyhow "inihaw: :-), for a long time we're already using Sheer Cover, then we got curious about Bare Minerals and we're thinking of trying it. Then we're due for the next shipment for our Sheer Cover that would cost us the same amount when we will purchase the introductory offer in Bare Minerals. So now we're so confused. Because both of us are so stingy, or we really don't have money hehe. We discussed about which way we can save money. Pros and Cons, this is better, cheaper, and so on. Our hubbies were laughing about it because we can't decide. They told us to stick on our brand. So what happened now, my friend purchased both products and me I stick with Sheer Cover, and for whatever stupidity I make, I make double orders, that I decided to keep because I'll be "lugi"with the shipping. Nabuing na gyud ni hehe. So much for Vanity.

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