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Tuesday, 4 March 2008

Point of View

Amidst the chaotic situation in Philippines, with all the call for the president's resignation, the rally everywhere, all I can say is: DuH! What else is New??!!!It's been like that already. No matter who's the president is..because "maybe" when someone got the chance to corrupt, they think it's an opportunity that they can't let go. My point is eversince I'm born, Philippines always have a corrupt government, it doesn't have to be the president but one of his/her constituents. Kaya lang if may lumabas na issue the people is so quick to blame it to one person, The President! They don't know that even the lowest ranking official is corrupt, and then so funny because these people when they cry for resignation they didn't realize that they're corrupt too. Ay ambot!
Why not just supportt each other..well, I just said this because I'm not there in the Philippines. maybe i don't feel their rage right now.
Pero imagine ha, before they are furious about Erap now they got excited everytime Erap appears in the tv or in their rallies and ask GMA to resigb..applause dayon sila..But they forgot that Erap was once convicted for Plunder too! and he's also corrupt..ay naku...ambot ninyo..

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