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Thursday, 13 March 2008

The Letter "I"

The Letter "I"

I was tagged by Amor about the "I" in my life :)

I AM...a happy person, with a happy heart and happy soul.

I WANT…to help my family in the Philippines all the time

I HAVE…a wonderful and prayerful family

I WISH…I will win the Lotto so I can help a lot of people


I FEAR…to nothing :-) hehe, I'm fearless

I SEARCH…for more knowledge

I WONDER…why some people who insinsitively hurt other people can still manage to sleep at night

I REGRET…quarreling my husband yesterday.

I LOVE…God and my family!

I ALWAYS…show my husband how much I love him

I AM NOT…a saint!

I DANCE…Folkdance

I SING…like nobody's business

I CRY…when I'm sick. I'm whiny and whimpy

I WRITE…journals to express my emotions

I WON…the whole universe when I married my husband hehehe

I AM CONFUSED…about nothing. I can find answers to everything..atik!

I NEED…one million dollar hehehe

I SHOULD…be more kind to my husband

THE LAST THOUGHT I GO TO SLEEP WITH IS thinking how blessed I am for having such a beautiful family.

Thanks Amor. I love You!

1 comment:

Amor said...

At last nakacomment na gyd ko!!!hehehe.Love u too Gin.Thnaks for doing this.Bitaw noh,love gyd nato ato own family ug familynato sa Pinas.Hya Gina kao nagstop na anang lotto kay sge ra ako bana,patad ana wa man daug uy!

Hope u are feeling better now.Ayo ayo!


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