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Thursday, 21 February 2008

No Chocolate Please

Steph's Ninong and Ninong (godparents) spend a week in Eureka. Business and Pleasure. Pare is working while Mare is raiding the mall everyday. Me and my mare are shopping partners. That's shy she kept on asking to go to Eureka too so we can shop together.
Anyways, now there back and visited Steph yesterday with chocolates as Pasalubong. Everytime they're out of town, they never miss buying something for their inaanak. But this time chocolate!!Jenny said, it's okay, late Valentine's present. As much as possible I don't give my daughter Chocolates.Yah but yesterday I didn't notice that she's been eating chocolates already without my knowledge and her super Ninang, kinunsente naman, that's why I scold Steph in from of them which makes Steph embarassed and she stop eating the chocolate even thoug the Ninang handed it to her. And there's the Ninong, very sneaky, giving my son a chocolate too. These guys is in big trouble now.They didn't noticed it but I'm really pissed! But oh well, they're like my family here but next time No more chocolate please kung hinde ewan ko lang butasan ko yung mga gulong ninyo!@@!!

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