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Saturday, 16 February 2008

Her Secret

I have this friend for four years now. Her name is Jelyn. She's sweet, caring and smart. At first, I'm kinda distant with her because I thought she's a snob. She thought the same way with me too hehe. We're actually neighbors. Now, we're already like sisters. We exchange recipes, catalouges and gossips :-). Anyway one time, I told her I wish my skin is like her, especially her face. She's flawless. I thought she just a good skin complexion because she's a rich girl. I know it's kinda lame when I base my judgement on her status. But sometimes if you're born with a golden spoon in your mouth you are really well taken care of. If you guys watching the soap opera in ABS CBN titled "MAging Sino Ka Man Book 2", that Jackie is like her in real life. Jelyn was born her America but was raised in the Philippines, lived in a highly guarded subdivision in Paranaque, has a nanny and one of those rich kids who can go to America anytime she wants.Anyways, she share to me her secret to flawless looking skin, Mineral Foundation and make-up. Now, she got me hooked to that. I'm now using mineral foundation, moisturizer and cleanser. Looks like my skin is improving.Now her secret is my secret too that I just shared to You!

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