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Wednesday, 27 February 2008

Fantastic Blogger

I'm happy that my friend Amor started blogging already. We're classmates in college and belong to the same circle of friends. She's a good cook. Her Arrozcaldo is the best in the whole world! I'm not exaggerating, promise. We're both busy that's why we don't have time anymore to talk unlike before. But at least now that she's blogging too, we can visit each other's site and learn how what's going on. As long as we know we're still there for each other. That's what matters.

And also she gave me this Fantastic Blogger Award.Thank you Amor. I miss you always!

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

Hello Gina,thanks for the nice words,ako gyd ka lutuan ug arrozcaldo pag magkita ta hehehe.Bitaw Gina,no matter what happens,friends forever gyd ta.hay,nahinumduman napod nako atong college life.Miss u too!hope magkita kita ta in person in the future,unta noh,na-ay reunion.


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