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Tuesday, 12 February 2008

Custom Plastic Bags

Some people love to keep department store bags especially if it has a design of signature product or it just basically have a cool design. I have a classmates in college before who kept plastic bags in her luggage pockets just for souvenirs. I think it was hilarious but it was cute. But you know she's not alone, even me kept store bags because it's neater than using a clear plastic bag.
Imagine seeing a number of people who recycle your bags and use them for lunchbags or some other things, it's like free advertisement for your company. So companies out there it's a smart solution to customize your plastic bags.

If you want to order customized plastic bags choose the International Plastics ( They are the best custom manufacturer of polyethylene film and bags. They especialize in all types of poly bags, plastic bags, plastic liners, drum liners, box liners, Reclosable Bags ,retail shopping bags, merchandise bags, trade show bags, poly tubing, and poly films.

They have" Flexible Packaging Experts" if you can't find what you're looking and call the number 1-800-820-4722 to discuss your exact packaging requirements.

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