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Monday, 25 February 2008

Black Friday Experience

I love to shop! I collect purses, shoes and perfumes but since I become a mother I took my shopping habit to lower level. Mostly, I shop for my children and my husband. I used to be an impulsive shopper but as I grow older each year I become a smart shopper. I used coupons, and most of the times I just go to the mall when there's a sale.

One of my favorite "shopping seasons" is the after thanksgiving sale, commonly called the Black Friday. My husband know that I always wait for this time of year to do my Christmas shopping. I think that this is the best time to buy Christmas gifts because you will really get the best deals ever.Last year was fun because my husband decided that we have to stay in a hotel which is a walking distance from the mall so that I won't be trapped in the traffic. I went to the mall by myself while he took care of the children then I came back for his turn to shop :-) .

I'm so glad that last year I was able to register in a site that I read from my friend Dauphine's blog where you can find the thanksgiving deals from the different stores. I was able to check which store offers my favorite items. I bought clothes in Old Navy because they have a wide selection of cool outfits for my toddler and baby boy. It also bought tees for for my husband and sweaters for me. It helped a lot when I got an email alert from because I was able to informed my husband about the thanksgiving deals in Sears.

I register my email ad again today at so that I will know in advance what's in store for me during this years after thanksgiving sale!

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