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Monday, 14 January 2008


My hubby's day off are during weekends that's why I'm really busy because sometimes we go somewhere else and oftentimes attend parties. And when we got home, we're all dead tired already.
Last Saturday was my Daughter's friend birthday, so I offer to the BBQ, I started making it from 11 A.M. and I wasn't done till 2 in the afternoon.
Then Sunday, was my friend's birthday bash. I made fruit salad.
What I love about attending parties is the fun and camaraderie. But of course the new gossip. ewww joke lang..I'm kinda sorta avoiding it na tawon kay lisod na.
But seriously, my favorite part is when the celebrant open the gifts especially with the children. It's nice how excited they are and just tear the wrapper like a lightning. As with the adult, I love when they got to open my card, because sometimes they got teary eyed hehe because they found no money in it (JOKE!!), well because my message is really truthful ( I guess!), it's a long one too, not just a one line wish you wish you one.
And everybody love my food, so it must be good.

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