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Saturday, 12 January 2008


The last time we attended the Sunday mass, the Priest's homily is so disturbing. I don't even know how to describe how I felt. Scared? Angry? Devastated. He shared about this issue in a school where one student was talking about God and the teacher reprimand her not to mention about God because for the reason that it might offend those student who doesn't believe in God.
If it's gonna be like that in all public school here in the states then I'll be darn scared because I have two children. I will definitely, enroll them in a Catholic or any Christian School no matter what the costs is.
I spent eleven years of my education from elementary to high school in a catholic school ( Holy Cross),but that's not the reason why I believe in God. Even the public school teaches about God.
All my life, there's never a moment that I questioned God's existence. There are times that in too much frustration I ask Him why He forsaken me, but I know in my heart There is God.
I know here in America, there is freedom in everything.Maybe that's why there are children who doesn't know God. I know who's to blame but I'll better keep it to myself.
I couldn't image life without God.

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