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Wednesday, 30 January 2008

Rescue Dawn

I"m still moved with the movie that we watched last night. RESCUE DAWN. It's one of the phenomenal movie I've ever seen in my whole life.It's crazy but I feel the pain and misery shown in that movie. I told my husband not to buy that kind of movie anymore. But even him is greatly affected because personally he can relate to it because he's brother Jim was killed in Vietnam during the "Dan Nang Offensive". So we basically have collections of movie which subject is about those wars in Vietnam.

Rescue Dawn is a true to life story about a courageous POW escapee US Navy Pilot Dieter Dengler. It shows what he been through when he was in in the hands of the Pathet lao soldiers local equivalent of the Viet Cong. He was brought to this prison camp where he met more prisoners subject to torture, hunger and illnesses. They were treated like animals by those ugly Pathet Lao soldiers. They were fed with worms and a 'lil rice. Some of them totally lost their mind and became insane. Because of his optimistic spirit beyond his grim chances of survival he was rescued. He's lucky and he truly deserved it. It's a shame that one of prisoners who is Lt. Duane Martin who joined him in the escape didn't survived. One Lao soldier cut his head off despite the fact the he was begging in already.

One thing that really moved me is that until now about 500 Americans are still missing or unaccounted for in Laos. I couldn't imagined what they've been through after I watched this movie.

Up to this day American soldiers are still risking their lives with all those wars in the world.
My point though, when the enemies captured them, they were tortured like animals. I was wondering though when they captured an enemy, do they do the same? I doubt it!!

Rescue Dawn is directed by internationally acclaimed Herner Herzog.
Christian Bale as Dieter Dengler and Steve Zahn as Lt. Duane Martin.

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