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Friday, 25 January 2008

My Man and His Mistress

I know my title is very mean, but that what comes right in my mind when I'm writing this. I know it's not right to exposed our dirty laundry in public but let me vent here for right now. This morning I didn't talk to my husband when he kissed me goodbye before he goes to work. I feel guilty though but let me stick to what I so called fasting protest. I know I'm crazy. It all started when we were happily talking about a certain topic and then all of sudden he talked about his truck. I got pissed off because it's getting old already, all he talked about is his truck. His been so attached with his truck that all in his thoughts is his truck. This fast few months he's been investing a lot of money for it to make it like a sleek looking hot rod. From changing its tires to everything.A hot rod that I can't drive because it's a stick shift whatsoever. . I'm a LAME. I'm jealous with my husband's mistress which happen to be his TRUCK. Funny ha! Oh well, I'm thinking of not talking to him for the whole week, which I've been trying a number of times already but it never happened. But maybe this time, it will happen. When my friends and family will know about this I'm sure I'll get a 1000 words lecture. We'll see but as of now I'm really upset.

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