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Friday, 25 January 2008


Wow I just submitted my blog this morning and after a couple of hours it was approved by Smorty. Thank you very much Smorty for considering my blog. I will do my best to be a good blogger. I'm so happy for their prompt and positive response on my blog.
Having two children, I don't a choice but to stay home and personally take care of them considering the high cost of day care nowadays. I'm so glad that my fellow blogger were so persistent in encouraging me to join here. I couldn't thank them enough.

I'm also happy that they introduce Smorty to me since they know that I'm a blogger so that I could earn money while doing the thing I love.How cool is that? You get paid for blogging . In Smorty, you can select the subject that you find interesting. You can earn top $ in every opinion you post. And you get paid thru Paypal weekly.

So guys join Smorty now, it's the fastest way to get paid for blogging.

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