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Monday, 19 November 2007

Making The Most of What You Have

Life is full of surprises. Sometimes it's good, sometimes it's something that just wears us out. In each stage of our lives, it's a different struggle.

For students they struggle to earn good grades to make their parents happy, or to be able to get a scholarship or just wanting the best that they wanted to be. For me, passing a certain subject is such a struggle considering that some of our professors love to pass just 25% of the class or less. One even brag about having the lesser number of students that pass on her subject. I think it's ridiculous but that's true. I could still remember the tension during enrollment period when we're waiting about the result of who's qualified to enroll or who's not. Every year a number of students were kick out because they they fail 3 times already. It's really sad, especially to those students who have tried all their best and just run out of luck. Some might really haven't tried their best but I know some weren't able to make it because of a lot of factors, one is family problems especially financially. But even though misfortunes like these happened, there's quite a few who never give up, they were still able to move on and now they became successful.

For parents they struggle hard to give their kids a better future. My parents is one perfect example. Amidst all the crises and trials, they were still able to give us education. They never give up even though they almost have nothing at all. My father work hard at the farm from dawn till dusk. There were times that he's sick, he still work. My mother is a very hardworking person, she's taking care of our store and also helping my father. Some people discouraged them to quit trying sending us to school if they can't afford. But these don't discouraged them in the least 'lil bit. With their desire to give us a good education they gave us a college plan and that helped me a lot to get through. Now, me and my siblings had proven that all their hard works were not wasted.

In any kind of endeavors we're into, let's not allow our limitations hinder us from achieving our goals. Let's make the Most of what we have.

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